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Progress List & Updates

Hey guys,

Here are some quick updates in regards to now until the first of the year. I will also cover the following topics: Delays, Future Communcation Changes, Harassment, Rushing = Sub-par work, January Shipments and so on.

1) Effective January 1, 2018, all further communications from social media will be reverted back to email replies. Facebook fanpage messenger will be disabled and a contact button will be linked to my work email instead. So anyone whom I referred to communication via either skype, facebook, instagram etc. I am sorry but I must revert back to strict email communication. Reason for this is I have been having issues reverting to archived messages that aren't effectively showing up or yet, hard to relocate when I need to further update my notes. With email I have an easier access in finding this information and extracting it. The other reason is I know people like to talk to me but it has also been a big part of me being distracted then people were constantly 'pinging me' every 15 minutes xD I'm sorry, but my time is very limited and as much as I love chatting with yall, I am just too far behind on work to manage both free communication and work at the same time.

So yes a recap on this part, all further communications via social media, those individuals will have to revert back to email replies. Please reply any further communication to the following business address:

On a side note, me and two other GK builders Leonas Workshop and GarekiPhoenix made a video podcast about the lives of a GK Builder and what we struggle with and also benefits of what we do in our line of work. Leonas Workshop is currently editing this content and won't be available for several months, given video editing is also an artform and needs careful dedication and time to formulate.

2) As it stands, all orders from 2017 have been delayed as mentioned many months back. I have contacted a majority of my 2017 clients and are aware of this delay. If I have missed contacting you in regards to this or my email possibly did not go through I do apologize for this, if you like further info in regards to the delays, feel free to email me. At this time I cannot give any destimated date ranges so it does not seem I am overpromising and can't deliver. If I get enough development of your kit I might be able to give a better answer but for now it's in the air at this moment. So far if I have not contacted you yet, it means either I do not have the art piece infront of me to work on, due to other delayed higher proority pieces needed done, or the kit is very complicated or requires more in-depth customixation and or pre work to put it on my table at this time. Their are times I do break from my main to-do list and work on different kits, but it's not alot of progress to further contact for an update at this time.

3) Instead of emailing on a weekly basis like I used to back at the beginning of the year, I now do 'batch updates'. What this consists of is large informational emails that will contain more progress to show, compared to showing one photo or two and lack of explanation if given, due to the fact it's more difficult to explain to clients than it would be compared to many photos. Plus I am sure others would appreciate more photos ^_^

4) I have had a few badapples this year in regards to me rushing my works I produce, and this is getting very concerning. I get it, many of you either a) want to cherish your pieces sooner than waiting too long, or b) some have had bad experiences with other artists 'running of with their money'. Please keep in mind I am not the person to do such things when I am trying to build my name. I am still new so it's taking awhile to build up noteriety to be noticed. By you contacting me for a commission you are giving your trust into me in producing the best work I can possibly give. By constantly harassing me or even THREATENING ME is not acceptible and for me being such a nice person, I am tired of people stepping all over me in this regard. I pride my work very much, and by people having me rush such a thing or being severely rude stresses and depresses me very much where I do not want to work on your kit...and that is the honest truth...

So a (somewhat) summary of this: Delays happen, theirs nothing much I can do aside from keeping in contact with you IF and WHEN I have updates available. Their are people whom have wated a YEAR for their pieces; given how rough this year has been overall, and it's not fair for them to delay them any longer than I already have. Do not harass or threaten me, EVER, f it continues, I will gladly send your kit back as-is and never work with you again. Garage kits take time to build and perfect, it is not something you can rush, we are only one person, not an assembily line. The reason we offer our services to you is to have somethinv ustomied how YOU want it to the best of our abilities. If you push us or rush us, we will give sub par results, which we do not want to give at all. In regards to questions on your kit, please do not feel bad in contacting me if you need to update our notes. I am happy to get any suggestions you may like. Just hit me up on my email if you want to discuss more in detail about your kit.

5) Since it's already November *weeping*, I am still behind on my work, what I currently have on my workdesk are these kits alone @_@;;; If your kit is not mentioned, it means I am not currently working on it at this time. I might in the future develope a side link in my blog section in regards to kit progress updates, still under debate due to privacy reasons.

6) Lastly before I display the list of kits I am currently working on at this time, I need to note something in regards to kits either being completed by years end. If I contact you and your kit is ready for shipment, I do highly suggest waiting until after the first week of January for me to ship your package out, especially if you live outside the USA. This helps eliminate any cases of packages being lost or damaged or severely delayed in tracking due to the holidays. If you are within the USA and want it in time for Christmas, I am sorry but I do not accept rush order options no longer and again, don't want to give sub-par work. Another thing in regards to US citizens, if I do finish your kit before December holiday arises, your best bet is to pay the top shipment priority so the figure gets there quicker before the mass of online shoppers arise. The other thing is paying for security and signature confirmation to guarantee delivery. Again I will keep those individuals posted in regards to figures going out that month.

Kits on my work bench currently are the following:
(kits below are NOT listed in order)

SD Ib & Mary (from the RPG game - IB)
- Severely delayed commission set. High priority atm.
- Original kits needed very heavy clean up work and repairs.
- Neede heavy modifications for both.
- Custom base(s) planning still under development).
- Removal of previous paint job work.
- Mid to end prep phase.
- Test painting parts for proper color tones before final paint work.
- Face modification for Mary.

1/6 Catherine
- Piece was already painted but climate damages effected paint job.
- In process of finishing up cracked paint jointed areas for shipment for the month of November.

(Angel Beats!) 1/8? Yui
- Still in middle prep stage, repairing broken parts, lots of pieces need buffing and resculpting.
- Might limit in the future what kits I take in of this scale due to experience & limitations.

(Fairy Tale) 1/6 Lucy (Custom)
- One of a kind 3D printed figure. Needed heavy clean up work due to print casting quality.
- Last stages of prep work on the figure itself.
- Still problem solving custom base design to fit autograph and figure at the same time.
- Almost ready for paint.

(Sailor Moon) 1/6 Star Fighter
- Battle Worn version / modification
- Revising development of custom base to produce sound
- Early pre stage development on what needs to be modified in the sculpt to achieve battle worn look.

(Ikkitousen) 1/6 Ryomou Shimei
- My personal kit to work on the side.
- Last stages of prep.
- Painting in progress on some parts.
- Still in ceoncept development for base design.

(Sailor Moon) 1/4 Nude Only Princess Serenity
- Prep Stage, adjusting carving eyes for BJD eyes, fine tuning what needs to be seperated for paint, given the body needs to not have any seam joints visible.
- Should be ready for paint and final prep once I configure her eyes and study BJD face-ups.

(Oden Sphere) 1/5 Gwendolyn
- Early to mid prep stage.
- Issues with connecting large wings to torso due to weight distribution and angle. Seems alot of clear resin was removed do fitting is not perfect. Still problem solving this big issue.

1/5 Fujieda Honami
- Original kit overall had alot of flaws with the cast. Sculptor has had this issuw ith a majority of his original kit based on other gk builders feedbacks on working on these sculptors casted kits.
- Had assistance with another builder in-person on some feedback / help in regards to dividing large pieces; since her body is one piece, but legs need dividing to make painting easier.
- Still alot of rebuffing and careful planning in dividing of parts and patching up before paint.
- Mid stage of prep (pinning and patching / resculpting parts that are damaged from cast.

Thank you all for your understanding and hope to keep bringing works to you to enjoy!


Samantha Lewis