Garage Kits

1/6 Hatsune Miku

Scale: 1/6 Sculptor: Yukishiro Origin: Vocaloid

Finally finished with this kit. This was my first ever GK model kit I had the opportunity to paint for the past few months off and on. Even though I purchased this kit a few years back, the quality was simply amazing nonetheless. I absolutely love Shiragami Takayuki / Yukishiro sculpts. I love to own originals of his figure line but alas, money is always a factor. I just love how dynamic he makes his figures to be.

This figure I wanted to experiment again but by using a limited pallet of just two colors; not including her skin tone, but using different shades of green with no black mixed, and Magenta. Decals I had my buddy print for me, though sadly something went wrong in the process and could not add all the decals I wanted on this kit originally but that is okay, managed to her the ones on her shoulder, collar, shirt and base added. The arm panel decals along with the white tiny decals on the base were from a 1/4 scale Miku kit I modified to work with her. Different color but that's okay. Kit was a bit complicated to put together and figuring out the right pin placement for her weight distribution, managed to get everything pinned perfectly in the end.

Sorry if some photos might be off color wise, my camera has been having troublesome times picking up what I see in my eyes so I have to photo edit the lighting and colors just right. Same with the focus issue, I think my camera must have been dropped, not doing what it used to do years back. I wound up photoshopping a background in at various angles and sizes, since my counter top 'wallpaper' gave off too much of a glare I kind of had no other choice. Black backgrounds are okay but I do like the extra taint texture in the background in these types of figures. Might stick with this and other variations for future figures if they look appropriate.