Garage Kits

1/5 SS Chibi Moon

Scale: 1/5 Sculptor: Takei Tsuchinoto Company: Fitzgerald Origin: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

Man, this kit has been hell and back with me for the last 5 or so months with everything that was going on with my life this year...moving, the loss of me and my fiances jobs, basement flooding and this commission being drenched; but thankfully was saved, fitting issues after assembly, motivational issues, god the list goes on. But, in the end so happy I could finally take photos ;___; I still can't seem to catch skin tone right on my editing software, but its a light pale peach with faint pink shading as the shadows =3

- Eyelashes carefully attached curved, formed, one by one and cut to length @_@; Eyes glossed.
- Custom base with added weight distribution so we could put a larger weighted figure on a smaller base for display purposes.
- Added broach gems instead of painting over resin hearts.
- Added stars, hearts, circle gems to weapon.
- Custom base design with two toned paint accents of pink and blue with 2 different forms of glitter.
- Gold edge is painted.
- Crystals shift in the light to appear ranbow-like but not visible in photos, crushed a few shards to get the form they are sinking. Lightly painted the base of the crystals a translucent pink to add a bit of color.
- Base sealed in Enamel UV Protected Gloss.
- Overall paint scheme is custom to fit the clients needs. Hair similar to artwork refs and fuku more cloth like approach and not pearlized aside from the pink. - This kit has the option to choose a bow that is opaque or clear resin, we painted both in two themes as a bonus for display purposes.