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1/5 Chibiusa

Scale: 1/5 Sculptor: Watanabe Keita Company: Amie-Grand Origin: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

Though this might not be an ideal color scheme for most, but this was highly desired by my client who wanted her designed this way based on her concept =)

Though in the end she was very happy and that is what matters =,) Yet, met a new friend in the process which is even better! I think compared to the drafts we formed and it actually being done, the end result came out a lot better! Given this was a 'rush' commission for the holidays approaching, I wish I could have improved somethings but overall I think it came out pretty well.

The base is all from scratch using a mini wooden coaster, faux grass, ceramic flowers, and 3 grades of rocks all hand selected to go around the base. Her hat is magnetized to her hand for each attachment and removal option.

Extra items added to her design are the following: Carefully cut and modified eyelashes, ribbons in her hair, fabric flowers of various sizes and colors, gemstones on her ears and shoes, custom necklace, back bow tail hand made, ribbon around her dress areas and her eyes painted to reflect off of Chibiusa in Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3.