Garage Kits


Scale: N/A Company: Irving Lab Origin: Ib

Commissioned kit. This has been a very long journey with this very rare IB GK. It was very challenging for me to work on given scale and the overall cast being super difficult to work with, but I tried to work on it to the best of my ability and I think in the end, my client is thrilled her ideas and views come to life, and that's what keeps me going is when clients are overall happy, no matter the struggle or time and labor is put into something.

My client came to me in hopes to repainting her rare find into something she visualizes and holds dear in the game itself. So after receiving the gk and inspected it of course it was painted but after removing the original paint, glue, epoxy as much as I could, I noticed so many flaws with the overall cast, I needed a miracle to make it through this tough time. I was roughly off and on this figure (and the Mary companion) for roughly almost a year and a half (not joking) due to loss of motivation, keep fixing things and it would just fall apart or not fit correctly, find more and more issues after fixing a few such as 100s of air bubbles, super deap seamlines it looked like stairs, chips, broken parts, you name it, the list goes on. It was a bit demotivating and had to have times to take a breather to work on the other kit she sent which was Mary. She was also a rough cast but that's another discussion once she is finished later in the month or beginning sometime in June. I am also used to working with larger kits, it's my comfort zone, though I have experimented in painting miniatures, it's two totally different things, especially on the casting side of things, gk related it's my worst nightmare.

-ahem- But moving on! Once I managed to get things fixed up, we went through the brainstorming sessions quite a number of times, even weeks of planning; given we had change of heart on a few fronts which delayed the project a bit more, it happens all the time. They sent over as much in-game reference materials, limited merch references and so on to depict what she would want. Hell, I even got into watching play through of the game; I wasn't able to get the emulator to work for me to actually experience the game play, *tear*. In the end we wanted to go more close to the original in-game profile screen for a majority of the colors with some slight adjustments. The original promo picture of Ib didn't look or reminded us it was Ib aside from her clothes and hair, it was the eyes too, her eye sculpt made her look like an alien, so after tedious recarving of her eyes, we got them the way we wanted them painted too. Oainting those eyes was tedious too causr the head was basrely the size of the first division of my pinky finger @_@; They wanted some sketchiness to the art style so I tried my best to sketch some lines in the eyes, oh man that was hard and did repaint the eyes several times. -phew!-

They also wanted some modifications with adding Ibs handkerchief which was made from scratch to the best of my ability given the scale, a rose and leaf on the side of her head, a custom checker pattern base, ghastly grabby hands (also referenced in the game), falling petals of Garys rose, anything we could cram in to give some story and diorama feel to have a bit more symbolism, especially the crushed ant and blood in the game as well. The gahastly hands were using a mix of warhammer spirit whisps and monster high doll hands, what do you know! Haha! With all of this being said, the approval process took very long chats to work out to get things right. Even though it is complete, yes I always find things I wish I could do better, especially for how long it took to get my mind out of the cutter to make this piece as best as I could possibly am able to make for her. That's my downside is I overwork to achieve to make someone happy, hahaha!

But yeah overall it was a fun but very daunting project, but no kit is ever easy to work with, I am just very happy my client is happy. Everything is flat varnished minus her hair, the grabby hands and the main base picture frame which actually has a specialized two toned blue paint on it, so when the light hits it at specific angles, it illuminates in blue shimmers. The base was digitally created and made a photo decal to attach to the base. Mary's base will be the same design but in blue hues.

Other than this super long description, that is all I can think to speak about, as always if you have any questions about this project, feel free to hit me up over on facebook or instagram =)