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Mary from IB (RPG)

Scale: N/A Company: 3 Shoku Okowa Origin: Ib (RPG)

Commissioned kit. What a journey this kit has been through x,D Client came to me in hopes to have it repainted to her needs. A few parts were missing from tis original kit, mainly her underskirt the sculptor added (even though Mary doesn't really have one), so we decided to leave it out of the picture since we found out about it at the last minute.

It took quite a number of repaints, re-sculpting, and modding to get it just right to be acceptable, haha. Some of the modifications done are the following: Completely changed her face expressions since the original she looked 'high' (lol) and we couldn't accomplish the in-game look without them being too over powering. So, we went with a disturbing happy mary stepping on Garry's rose stem. The Red Eyes doll originally came with IB, but requested to have it paired with Mary. His head is magnetized to swivel and his belly magnetized to be attached to the back of her head, shoulder and leg. A custom flower was added to her hair. Later on we attempted to make a mini paper flower since hers isn't a real flower in the game but it was just too small to accomplish it and still have the sketch effect of crayons. The base originally was a very thin resin frame that came very warped and uneven. So I spent alot of time re-polishing the resin on my disc sander, extended the height of the base by using my scroll saw to cut it the same dimensions as the resin one. Sculpted ripped canvas pieces for the base, added resin flowers and sculpted many petals and vines for the base as well. Also resculpted her pallet knife and carefully added hand cut pieces of plexiglass as the shattered frame. Her hair was very detailed which was nice, but in-game, Mary and IBs hair is very simplified, so she requested I fill in some details. Later on wanted it reverted back which made it challenging so I re-sculpted some hair strands. Cut open her bangs a bit more for her right eye so you see both eyes better. Mary's dress took awhile to fix too, the sculpt for the dress came in two parts, her torso and the actual dress, so I patched and sculpted some folds and painted it as one.

Overall this project was not easy for me for many factors, the scale of it, the time it took to strip the glue, paint and modding overall, had art blocks, motivational issues and a lot of other projects on the back burner that needed to be done, let alone personal issues at home. Also was worried it was not going to turn out 'decent' for her wants and needs, but overall she was very happy compared to the previous rendition so I presume this is what matters first. Though not my proudest work, I am proud I managed to finish it in the long run :,)