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1/6 Sailor Moon Crystal ORI

Scale: 1/6 Sculptor / Company: E2046 Origin: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

Commissioned kit. Sold my own copy since I was phasing out of my collection ^^;;; Client requested Anime style colors with some small tweaks.

Modifications & Requests:
- Connected most of the hair pieces so they were seamless / less hair seperation by the odango bun so it was not an eyesore to see the seamlines.
- Sanded off odango hair ornaments and made my own by sizing my own O rings and using enamel button drops to make the red odango ornament.
- The earrings I have made from scratch. I was not happy with the look so I used various nail art supplies to make my own and UV resin to sure the pieces so they did not fall apart down the road.
- Drilled tiara jewel and filled with glitter / transparent red uv resin.
- Fixed the skirt so it showed less butt, still visible not not as much at certain angles.
- Base is made from scratch using various Dollar store rock materials, putty to fill around the rocks, crystals from michaels that were modified and painted with various effects and clear colors, and color shifting glitter that might be hard to see in some photos.
- Brooch and choker ornaments, the other senshi stones were sanded flat to make room for jewels. Jewels were coated in gloss for extra sheen. Would ave opted for swarovski crystals but couldn't find any of this scale.
- Silver Crystal painted with holographic color shifting paints, but hard to get a picture of it unfortunately.
- Heat bended a lot of the hair pieces so it was a) easier to ship and was more compact to save space, b) to match reference since some pieces were bent during molding process.
- Hair painted in various shades, though hard to photograph, I did a mixture of a medium blonde hair tone )not neon colored like in the anime / merch), and every bend in the hair strands, I added a lighter paler tone, same with the tips of the hair with the lighter tone. Hair ws then misted with micro glitter for a sparkle effect.
- Eyes painted by hand. Did a digital draft over the resin part to get a rough idea on position and painted from there.
- More to add if I remember, haha!