Garage Kits

1/6 Sailor Neptune

Scale: 1/5 Sculptor: N/A Company: Koumei Origin: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

This is a commission for a friend of mine on facebook to her liking. Difficult to paint because of how the kit was sculpted; almost one entire piece. Recast or not,still difficult to paint and mask, but luckily was able to paint it to my ability compared to other kits that are easier to prep and paint. It's funny to look back on your personal kit and compared it to this to see how much you improved. Plus the fact doing another kit like it, man, had to get the motivation to paint another one, haha! Luckily as well I have gotten used to painting transparent pieces better than I did back in the day. The base took ages to figure out and plan, luckily I found a solution that worked for me and my client. One of the factors is easy maintenance of battery change and hands free a majority of the turn on and off sequence. Thus this LED kit with a remote came in handy, even has many modes to choose to your liking! Wish I could have made it brighter even with the setting on the remote, but the resin isn't like glass, haha. Since the resin was colored only certain colors work for the resin, even just like mixing colors turns into another color, very interesting how that method applies to lights and colored resin! Found a lid, drilled proper hole locations for the LEDs to shine through, primed and painted the lid base and adhered the LED figure underneath. I had to drill into the LED plastic casing so I could pin the figure in it without damaging the circuit of the LED board. Thankfully the figure holds it's place very well. If anything I could go back and change, mainly it would be my photos, used my phone and they all got this weird mosaic effect like the kit was hand painted when it was all airbrush...oh well, live and learn for the better, managed to repair my settings on my Canon.