Garage Kits

SD Sailor Moon

Scale: SD/Chibi 3 inches Sculptor: simeno_yosaku (twitter)

Company: Match-uri Shounen Origin: Sailor Moon Crystal

Commissioned piece. First time painting something THIS small in resin! Released in 2014 at WF as a garage kit (resin kit) and never to be sold again T-T Also had a lot of issues with lighting so I had to color edit each photo cause her hair and bows looked neon like and not the right color tone xD

Modifications & Requests:
- custom base
- custom hair color
- removed resin hair ornaments and created new ones from metal
- slight pearl reddish pink bows, boots semi glossed
- white fuku parts matt white
- eyes hand painted twice
- side burns sculpted since original kit did not come with any in the design. Used Polystyrene and best bending to get the shape I wanted.
- can’t think of anything else xD
More HQ photos to follow on my website later on.