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Lina Inverse (Otome no Inori Ver.)

Scale: 1/6 Sculptor: Zoukei-mura Company: Volks Origin: Slayers

Commissioned piece for a lovely friend. I wanted to wait to photograph Lina in hopes to purchasing a white version of my dark marble backdrop, but alas, money is tight as usual so I have to make due with that I have x,D Took a bit of time to get things fitting right due to her skirt and her leg connections were a bit...odd...just due to the fact that the support pins have to go at different angles on the base cause of her feet positioning. Added about 4-5 tones of hair shading, though my photos have not been very good in capturing bright and dark shadows in her hair, skin and so on due to it being outdated equipment :( Her hair looks nice semi bright neutral compared to the anime counterpart which is like a dark orange brown. Shaded her skin, hair, gloves, bow, skirt, ankle cuffs and shoes. Went with pearl accents for the pink portions of her outfit and a flat white torso piece. Due to natural lighting and shadows in any environment, adding shading to her torso made it darker in appearance, so we went with a flat white and have her torso sculpt to display the shadows better. Her bandana I painted by hand since the decals were just not working out for me after 6 attempts x,D (I stuck -koff koff). Her brooch I replaced with a paper fastener for that gold reflection look.

The base was also painted from scratch. I do have an airbrush tutorial how I did both Lina and Amelias bases if yall are ever interested in viewing! Amelia is also in progress as well and will get photos of her as well as a group photo with them together!