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1/6 Musical Sailor Venus

Scale: 1/6 Sculptor: N/A Company: Usa P House Origin: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Musicals

This kit I worked on her on and off though the months since I was in the process of moving back to my parents house for sometime. At the time I was still trying to learn to shade with an airbrush and could not get the hang of it. Now after several months later, I came up with a method I enjoy more, which is applying layered base colors so the parts and shading them with soft pastels. During the earlier months, I had her back hairpiece, legs, feet and both skirts painted by airbrush alone, no pastels which I seriously hate cause the colors do not show up and blend well D8 Reason why I did not repaint the parts is they were already sealed or some pieces were glossed, did not have the patience to redo it again. Her hair was difficult as is. Her hair used to be shinier but after handling it so much the metallic faded so i think maybe I will go back and very fine-like, spray a thin gloss coat to preserve the metallic that is left. Her base was also damaged during the move It was already panted and everything before but oh well, at least it was damaged in the back.