Redemptor Dreadnought

Faction: Adeptus Astartes Chapter: Black Templars

Manufacturer: Games Workshop

[Contest] Black Templar Primaris Dreadnought I had to finish this at the last minute due to some circumstances in December as well as typical holiday shenanigans xD I had a lot of people tell me to enter some local painting competitions, so I said screw it and did finally x/////D This is the first time using my new camera, so I am still rough around the edges with it, lol. I need,more lamps @_@;

I would have went with any colors to show more gradient values, but since I wanted to paint this for my fiances army for his game, I rather paint it so he can play it. But not only that, at least show you can add some values to black but it not making it look gray, so I went over with a copper tone.

Decals are hand made minus a few from some scrap decal sets, but the scripture vows, purity seals, iron cross crests and so on are by me.

The base is from scratch of course using cork, 4 grades of sand, some resin rocks I casted from a mold and such. I would have went with a different opponent to be crushed, but I liked Necrons so I dunno xD Poor Necron Overlord xD Had to mod his pose a bit and break some pieces to fit right on the base. The goo is using UV resin and Tamiya Clear Green Paint.

Weathering is just using a black primer base, white base, dry brush few layers of eggshell or ivory color, needle, x-acto edge to poke and peel some paint from the surface and a bit of light drips of reikland fleshshade for some rust without going overboard.

The smoke is just using UV resin on both sides of the piece and adding in layers so it didn't appear too too flat. Would have remade them but couldn't get them right again xD I originally was going to put some smoke trails coming from the main canon but it didn't look right in the end and left it out based on feedback.

The majority of the body is sprayed in chrome, but it's hard to see. Also used a few pieces from the Black Templar upgrades box along with inspiration from a few other artists to come up with what I have here. The back emblem also from the upgrades but i cut the cross out from one of the rhino panels. Can't think of anything else to mention xD