In my spare time or when I am traveling on holiday, I like to go out and about to take macro close up shots of nature and textured objects. This also give me the opportunity to learn more about my camera settings and different display modes which I can use for various shots.

St. Augustine Visit

"El Galeón" taken in St. Augustine, FL

These are shots of an authentic replica of El Galeón that traveled the coasts of Florida 500 years ago.

Travel Nature Shots

"Red Cardinal" taken in Jacksonville, FL

"Sugarbear" taken in Jacksonville, FL

"Eastern Chipmunk" taken in Columbia Station, OH

"Monarch" taken in Jacksonville, FL

"White-breasted Nuthatch" taken in Columbia Station, OH

"Mother" taken in Kaylargo, FL


"Brown-headed Cowbird" taken in Columbia Station, OH

"Bar Sunset" taken in Kaylargo, FL

Flight to Jacksonville, FL