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Lucy X792

Commissioned Piece. First time ever working on a 3D printed kit; and probabaly well be my last ^^; The design was sculpted through Deathstalker Entertainment and printed by Shapeways. It was the second grade down from the top tier casting to my knowledge. I think this kit overall would have had less issues if it was the max step but again it produces more cost and not guaranteed I could get the pieces smooth even with non resin material...

Overall the cast was nice for it being printed but still had sooo many major flaws in the printing due to it being printed in layers :/ Typically when people print their models, they either fill the hollowed pieces in resin so their is leverage when pinning the figure together with wire, or whats more reasonable is casting the pieces in resin to buff out the issues a lot easier. I didn't have much of an option for having it casted in resin ^^; Given the cost to print such a large dense object is VERY expensive. To my understanding, the sculpt overall the pieces werent hollowed out so it had to go through volunteer services via facebook groups to hollow out a few pieces that COULD be done to make the cost lower, sadly only 2 big pieces were hollowed out :/

So after months of research in prepping this kit overall and knowing what dremel bits to use that would pierce through this fragile yet dense materials I was able to get it working. Bit of trial and error really but also caused delays trying to research while also in the process of moving and my basement flooding T_T I tried 'volunteer assisting' my client in the printing process with the help of another friend of his on which printer to go to and what needed to be separated before printing as well as scale. Sadly a lot of pieces could not be separated cause of the sculptors capabilities or did not have instructions at the time from the printer before sculpting to make their life easier (sorry m8) ;_; But yeah doing this would have made it easier for me to paint and possibly more cost worthy 'sorda'. Someone on facebook was nice enough to give some example hex keys to attach the pieces together a bit better and hollow two pieces. (Thank you btw ;O;) Overall this build I might sound like a Negative Nancy but honestly working on things like this aside from resin GKs is a big pain in the ass, it is no easy task let me tell you or an easier way to put it to explaining my frustrations xD

If you were thinking on getting a figure printed just be known of the following: 1) Make sure it's RESIN printed, doesn't mean it wont have print ridges but at least itll be easier to sand and work with. 2) If a printer doesnt have this option, please believe me, prepping a 3d printed figure is a pain in the ASS! The material is fragile yet super dense like a thai cast...I suggest you research prior in having it casted by someone in resin so either you can sell copies but mainly to make your life easier working on flexible material to buff out the issues. 3) If still convinced to get in the printing side of things, research, research, RESEARCH! Find an experienced sculptor and printing company you want to go with or what they suggest is a good spot to go. It's better to have someone whom is experienced with printing to know what to do in regards to seperating pieces to make things less of a headache to build, hollowing out pieces makes the net weight alot less and less costly. Plus having an experiences sculptor whom is familiar with printing or at least letting them know what company printer your going to go with is aware of any important instructions that are needed to be followed before printing. 4) Printing and commissioning someone to render and process the files is friggen expensive so be aware to put down a deposit for a car so to speak.

Anyway hope you enjoy regardless xD This isn't the best work I could produce given the situations I had with the material and parts seperation but wanted to share my experiences to make peoples lives easier xD The WIP gallery will show what all has been done to the figure.

These first set of image renders are from Deathstalker Entertainment.

When I ran into my 'oh shit moment' xD The material was so dense, not even my normal dremel bits would pierce it. I had to use diamond bits to carve into the material @_@; Plus sorry that I couldn't get clear photos of the surfaces where the 'ridges' were present, but believe me, they were all over each piece ;_; Some areas were hard to reach their was no way to get in even with my dremel fine sanding tips :/

Examples of the hex keys the sculptor implemented before printing happened. Sadly her lower torso cant be seperated from her skirt design so I have to paint her inner crotch areas as tight pants xD Given I cant fill the seams to be 'seamless'. Also many ridges from the print are present all over this piece along with other parts T_T

Example of the ridges shown from printing. Took a very long time to buff these areas out smooth. Some areas it was impossible to smooth out given tight narrow spaces but I do my best to minimize these problematic areas in a typical 3D print...

Test primed her torso to see any issues, again this was common throughout all pieces. Both of her arms will need to be patch seamed to not show any seams. Also mentioning before the material is fragile, part of her collar broke off cause the sculpt of her neck was very thick it brok it with minimal force ;_; So I had to sand a bit of her neck lining to where her head / neck will fit into place without her collar cracking off again. She also has a ribbon attached in that areas as well but I will either sculpt / use real fabric material to remake it. Other parts that broke were her hip sash. This was eventually repaired down the road. For her legs it was difficult to fit properly given pin alignments, so I did many attempts to drill large holes, fill them with putty, attach the legs back on to give a perfect fit. 5x in fact xD

So with the updated base concept idea and to make life easier, I typically use lids for LED use given they are hollow on the inside. I have two types of lids, one that are solid and ones that have a view port on the top to look inside of the jar, this is useful for protecting autographs, artwork inder the base to prevent surface scratching, and or decal LED purposes to make cool effects. For this we decided on a view port lid that has a plexiglass top. The keys will go around the lid. I casted a resin base from one of my molds to cover the bottom, once I fill the inside in with materials to give her a solid foundation to be supported on. Basically, signature will go on the underside of the base to protect it. solid gradient background with pink fairy tale symbol, then will put wooden blocks inside the base and fill with resin.

Test primed her Easter Bunny ears. I had the most difficult time with this area of her head, given the headband design fit very very tight on her head, this would be an issue with having the ears removable without paint scratches on her hair. So later on, I will wind up sanding the inner lip of the head band so it fits loosly on her head, then place a magnet on the center portion of the headband and her head and hide them. That way it's easily removable. Though after 7 times of the center hair band breaking due to the fact I was trying to carefully drill I almost gave up, but managed to get both end of the hair band adheres with a magnet to patch the area up one final time.

Not sure why I took this but here it is anyway xD I think I was test priming for issues, fixing them, sanding, filling, etc. Then priming again x 12 xD The base with the flowers on it is for another kit ^^;

I noticed the design of this Lucy character had a different style wrist band, so with approval I grinded the old design off to reveal her skin and will replace the old arm band with a fabric hair scrunchie like in the references.

Result after grinding very harshly. Will need to be filled and buffed out. Might decide on real fabric scrunchie compared to a sculpted one. Still in debate atm. Other thing too is some of her fingers broke off from me being clumsy in dropping her arm(s) on the floor T_T I can't win! They were later pinned and patched up so you can't see the issues, yay (cries).

Filled area with 4 applications of putty and few sessions of sanding to get smooth.

After fixing but forgot to light prime it, no issues after that, completely smooth after buffing from 400 to 1000 grit.

(1st Image) Other issue with the sculpt is I was not sure if the sculptor was defining fabric folds in boots, but mentioned to my client, they looked more like knee high boots with leggings inside. Overall the concept of this version of Lucy, she has thigh high boots. So I got approval to fill in these areas to make them look like so. (2nd image) Other side to show to client of issue.

(1st Image) Filled areas with putty and went through 5 rounds of filling, sanding, buffing, etc. (2nd image) After semi slooth, I filled areas with tamiya liquid putty for smaller recesses and buffed smooth. (3rd image) Result after all those sessions. Some minor buffing and all done. (4th Image) This side I need to refine more on the zipper seam where it was filled but better than what it was before. The cross stitching and buttons for the boots will be replaced with fabric lacing and buttons since they werent carved / defined enough.

Filled areas between skirt seperation and chest to minimize gap.

(1st Image) Her little companion had the most issues with the ridges ordeal. I can't recall how many times I sanded and filled areas, probabaly more than 10 times. These photos are the last bits I needed fixing before final prime, any harder areas like right between his armpits were impossible to sand for how dense the material is and how tight the spaces were. Last result is primer fill it. (2nd Image) His one arm will need to be separated for him to fit around her one leg.

Her Easter basket was initially supposed to be on her extended arm, but instead suggested it to be in her other arm where her fist is enclosed since it looks like she is holding something anyway. For it to fit in her hand, I marked the areas of the handle in purple sharpie to know what portion will be removed. That way it acts as a claw and fits in her palm. Given her fingers don't give a gap for the basket to fit under, this was the next best alternative. Later on my client might use an actual miniature basket since I might be limited in the amount of detail I can put into the Easter eggs; given the eggs are not separated from the basket ^^;

Bit of a gap issue with her hair and bangs.

Filled a few time with putty and a number of countles sanding sessions later xD It took around 7 sessions to get the gap fixed...

more fixing xD

After the countless days, hours and soooo many sessions later...this is the best I would smooth out by hand in regards to the print ridges. Most parts will still have the printed ridges, nothing much I can do given the overall condition of the figure...

Example of a majority of her put together. (with ears and basket) (Plu I still need to fix by removing a section of his left arm so it's positioned wider so he can fit on her leg without paint damages...)