Work In Progress

1/6 Hatsune Miku Base

Commission for my friend. He had an idea in mind to have swirling notes surrounding her, but came to af ew complications in the design / concept attempt, so I put in a few suggestions in making a mini stage, similar in some aspects to the 'Love Is War' video. Wound up going a bit over the top on it but still came out cool regardless xD. Wish I could have changed some building methods, but given this was totally coming up with something on the spot, it's not bad for a start in a concept development process. Anyway, below is just photos I took a few years back in the base construction process.

Started off by drilling holes in the base space evenly around to insert stiff pins to hold the poles upright once inserted.

The more paint in the ass part...curving wire in a circular fashion...I could have bought one pre-made for making dream catchers but money at the time lol So worked with what I had to save money. I tried sauldering and that didn't work too well. Then tried cutting hollowed wire dowels and cut the sides down 1/4 of the way to then crimp around the circular wire bit *sorry hard to explain* Eventually the rough edges of crimping the wore over will be hidden.

The center of the base was an idea but was eventually ruled out due to the height of the figure being too high to display.

Figuring out a unique pattern for the wire mash instead of hlaying down one singular piece down. Eventually ruled this method out for a new design.

Took edging of poster board and stripped it from the foam and wrapped that around the edge here and inserted cut mini nails as kind of a support for the poles you see in fensing.

To make the nails easier to insert, I pushed push pins intot he foamboard then hammered nails around the base. Obviously I took off the fense skeleton before attempting to hammer.

So I randomly had a thought how to add speaker to the base or at least mimic the 'look' of speakers. I almost threw out some old paint lids and metal rings I got way back. Here I was just mocking up how to make it look like a speaker. You can go different ways to making them.

This is just for reference if people wanted to use the same idea. Eventually I ruled out the thin mesh and stuck with the paper fasteners, metal hoops and paint lids.

Here I was redoing the fensing supports by inserting more nails around the poll edges. Cut more foam board and layered it roughly with hot glue, eventually thre rough edges will be hidden by mesh.

The long process...The hold on the one speaker was something I was thinking of lighting up the speakers instead, eventually it didn't work out as planned so the hole was covered up by paper fasteners to make the look of the speaker anyway. Then did many coats of purple, yeah I could have used white as a base coat for the purple bits but because the figures hair was coated in grey primer, the two color tones would look off, so I stuck with black. Added mesh around the top half of the base and added fabric twisted trimming on top of it to hide rough edges.

Cut the paper fasteners from the back to hot glue to the speaker paint lid backings.

Finished painting the speakers after I super glued the metal hoops on first. Because the paint lids are plastic hot glue doesn't like plastic all that much, so had to use Zap-A-Gap. I then started drilling holes into the base roughly but then eventually cleaned up the edges later on.

After cleaning up the drilled holes as best as I could, I added metal rings where the LEDs will shine through.

Another angle shot, nothing special here.

I wanted originally to do a normal fencing but it would have been too much for the look of the figure, so I just did a continuation boarder under the top half of the base as you see here. Found a circular box at Hobby Lobby I used the lid as the display riser to hide the battery pack under.

Then added gold stretch trimming on the folded over mesh around the poles.

Started feeding each LED into each hole. Was a pain in my ass because since the LEDS are encased in supposedly epoxy or hot glue to stabilize the LED I couldn't bend the wire all too much without kinking the wiring, so there slightly off angle in some holes. I would have added hot glue afterwards but was afraid they might diffuse the brightness of the light.

Finished wiring then has an idea to add the rest of the LED leftovers on the side of the base on the platform. I then added more metal hoops for the LED entry holes. Battery pack was eventually glued underneath the base riser.

My old office which was the living room lol I eventually moved my workdesk a few days ago so yeah lol Excuse the BG. Just testing the lighting. Everything works! Woo!!

Before my client wanted to have 'swirling notes' around the base, but to make the notes look natural to the base, the base needed an extra something something, so I incorporated notes around here and there, one of them being this at the center of the base. But I just put one one there with some paint and was not the final product just yet.

Light test in the dark. Man these things are bright! Whats nice about this battery pack is I fianlly found a package that had a timer setting on it compared to my Tiki kit I did, they didn't have a timer kit T^T

Figuring out placement of note.

Eventually I found a solution to the swirling notes he wanted originally, but also finding a way to attach them to the base without falling off or stabilizing them permanently. So I drilled a rectangular holes in two select areas, added epoxy putty, added Vaseline to the wiring so the epoxy didn't stick, then pushed the wore into the base and left it be for a few hours to cure. Then when it was all dried I could easily pull out the swirling wires with a tight fitting and not have the wires fall over.

Sorry I kidna skipped so far head on the progress ^_^;;;; All I did in this bit was add the new painted notes to the base and added tangled wires on top the base. Eventually for the final touch ups, I added draping chains to areas of the fencing as you can see in the final gallery photos on my site.