Work In Progress

SS Moon & SS Chibi Moon

Very touching story for this one. I had a nice guy commission me to paint a figure for his girlfriend. Given some situations the kit in question was not at hand but I happened to have a copy of it. So I sold my copy to him and I can paint it for him =) Since his girlfriend watched my other platforms it was hard to keep others up-to-date without giving anything away, haha! So for months of secrecy, I worked on this kit and modified bits to what she likes from interest and this is what it came out like! Eyelashes added. Small acrylic gems added in areas. Modified Chibiusas accessory so I could easily remove it from her hand; since the kit originally had her fingers chopped off. Painted manga style. Weapons still look as of the anime. Needed to repaint the base a few times but still came out pretty nice. Back bow tails magnetic given the recast connection issues.

This kit overall took sometime to prep to make sure evrything will be well balanced and stay firm. These few shows below of them partially assembled is to test how most of the pieces stand up to balancing on one foot with the fires inserted in the feet and base. So far so good!

Test fitted the back bow as well with just some poster tak to determine where it should be drilled and positioned. Cause with this kit, it didn't have a guide line of a peg to know where to place it at correctly. So what I did later was I had to assemble the legs tightly, their two skirt pieces firm where they will not move and drill at an angle through the bow tails, skirt and a portion of her back to get a good alignment of the magnets.

Just another angle of the bow.

Here is just me showing how I connected the one leg to the main portion of their bodies so the pegs dont wiggle, and also to get a tight seamlines when filling the gap in; the green stuff is the filler. Used three pins to insure no loose parts, especially on heavier kits like this one.

Always seem to run into this issue with all chibiusa kits I have worked on which is horrid gaps with the pigtails...above is my third attempt in filling the cracks without the putty peeling off and not adhering properly...What I had to do was apply the putty to the surface in question with the imperfections, then the other part I tightly secured the head in plastic baggy so the putty wont stick. After the putty dried it came off with no issue finally!

Chibi Moons remainder parts for prep: back bow tails with magnets adhered, heart part of her weapon will be split in half so I can easily connect her fingers to her hand. They designed it so that way you could remove the section of fingers to hold her weapon, I hate visible seamlines, so cutting the weapon was best for removal. Every other small part is just to check for errors in a test prime phase.

Test primed chibi moons parts to check for suface issues, if I find any, Ill fill them and or sand any dust particles that might have adhered to the surface whem priming. Once the errors are minimized, I do my final coats of primer before paint.

Skin tone base added.

Did two forms of pastel shades, main base shade and a sparing dark shade for 'hidden park parts' of the skin. Once I seal it, the colors blend together and look more vibrant =D

Just randomly test fitted to make sure I didn't overdue the paint layering. Everything fit good so far.

Ugh, this base was a nightmare...tried a method to make the gem portion of the broach really look like a gem, but my stupid self messed up and I overlayered the base masking using liquid masking, knowing that it totally ruined the sealent on the suface and left it I removed allll the paint from the base, soaked the base in cleaner for a week while scrubbing every day, then began repainting and remasking differently, this time with careful patience using Tamiya tape like I should have. So yeah anyone who wants to mask over enamel gloss sealed surfaces, I suggest you test sample on an object with the poster tak to make sure you don't get any suface issues. In the end, stick with tamiya tape for stuff like this. For me using it on non glossy surfaces I have had no issues.

Base color yellow for Usagis hair. Should have sprayed a thin layer of white primer of acrylic before doing yellow, I derped since this was a rush order DX

To paint Usagis scalp without effecting her face up, I used poster tak to cover her face to get a clean edge. I could have used tape but would have taken too much time.

Tada~! Only a few touch ups behind the ears but solid clean removal <3

After adding shading to her hair and beginning the process of adding false lashes to this kit.

Chibiusas parts, beginning masking phase after pastel shading legs and arms then sealing.

So many parts that day I masked @3@;;; Began the process of adding white base coat like I should have with Usagis hair xD that way, the layering of brighter colors is minimized compared to darker primer. Never have had issues layering skin on grey primer since it's thicker in pigment, just reds and yellows are stupid hard to achieve overall cause of their pigments, especially yellow, yellow is the worst!

Live and learn step peeps. If your gonna use liquid masking, be sure to use the right type for the right paint *face palm* I wound up getting the amonia based instead of the water based and it ruinded the paint on the base. Had to paint peel everything to the best of my ability on this one. Green cap - amonia based, use enamels or laquer, purple cap - water based, safe for acrylics etc.

Gradient process. Took forever to get all the tones to work right and not oversplatte ron the white areas. Basically, has to do yelow first, then the pink, then a little white to touch up the white skirt areas.

Going for more of an antique look so used a blush grey pastel mixture.

Test assembily again to check the balance of colors. Man Usagi reminds me of the one movie where the senshis fukus turn white to transform Luna into Human Luna 8D <3

Masking off legs and white trim on boots to avoid repainting boot trim.

Base color of boots added, ready for pastel shading!

Purples and blues always nice for shading red. You can see how dull the pastel looks not sealed. But once it's sealed the colors will blend so nicely into the acrylic and will really make the bows stand out <3

Mooooore test fitting xD

This painting process was very fickle for translucent paints...Took me a few retrys and paint stripping to get right. Used an airbrush based paint which is consisting of: Transparent White, Transparent Pink, Transparent Pearl. Basically, white first, heat treat, then sparing on the pink, heat treat, the the pearl is lightly swept across the bow and shoulder pieces to make them sparkle at different angles in the light => Seal it in enammel gloss and done!

Just a snap of the back of Usagi and her hair shading.

Touch up boot trim.

Repainting process of the base. Black base, two tones of metallic golds, pastel shaded bright orange. Lightly sealed in one coat gloss so the pastels would adhere. After that, started carefully masking the base where I needed to paint the gem parts. THink it took 2 to 3 hours of masking?

WOOSH! After masking was done, I forgot to take photos how I did the gem, think it was black base, two mixes of pearlized pinks, then went a tad heavy on the crease shading with black and lightly went over some gems with their respected colors but a darker shade in pastel form. Sealed in gloss heavily and its done!

This photo above my camera auto adjusted the contrast so sorry about the inaccuracy, please see final gallery photos for final result =D Lastly, the undersie of the base was hollowed out to minimize the weight the base had already. It's still stupid heavy. But you can even mod this base to light up if you had powerful LEDS and a few passes to smove the underside of the base to make the layer thin enough. But since it was not the plan for this figure, I filled it in with something (sorry I forgot I know it was light weight material filler) then covered the bottom of the base with my foam base covers <3