Work In Progress

Custom 1/1 Tiki

Commission - Completed in 2015
This was one of the most frustrating customs I have done thus far. But I am overall happy how it came out and my client is over the hills which I am thankful for. I would have hidden the battery pack but cause of my anxiety of a fire hazard I left it uncovered, in the end it'll be easy to remove and replace batteries in the future. Really wish I still had my white backdrop, the wings are full on transparent green, dark at the base and opaque towards the tips with silver linings. Added different arms from another kit, modified her head to turn a different direction, added detail to her dress and jewels around her, custom staff from scratch, custom base from scratch, side satchel from scratch, the crystals were bought on etsy.

Few months back I found some Rice LEDS at Hobby Lobby for $2.99. Takes 3 AA batteries. Not bad at all. Wire is maulable but tried my best to be careful how I bent the wire.

Was trying to figure out how to add the lights in layered crevices of the rock formation, so in the beginning I took the first half of the glued rock off to get inside the top revice to put some lights in, then glued the top on then kept adding more lights using hot glue. I normally don't like working with lights this way since if something shortens out I'm screwed but eveything seemed ok from what I was looking at.

At this stage I was carving out a lil area for water to trickle down from inside the rock. I originally wanted things to scale since shes a 1:1 scale fairy *actual size basically* but then the items around her would be too cluttered and crazy so we decided to go an unrealistic size approach to the scenery.

After adding some light inside the crevice and water exit. Have not glued layered cork at this stage yet encase of mistake with wiring. This was when I added more cork at the base to make room for the battery pack in the back. Pretty much cut square chunks of corm to fit around the battery pack with a bit of wiggle room.

Me and my client (friend) were debating various poses for her to go on the base, there were so many possibilities but we decided to go with her leaping off the base.

Testing the vibrancy of the LEDS.

Another angle testing the vibrance of the LEDS.

Test dummy pose, scrapped the idea on this position for her. Kinda forgot to mention how I did the water, sorry about that. I wound up painting the wood in a few gradient tones from the edges being lighter and the center being darker with a bit of green hints into it. After that, I mixed some pastels with some bathroom sealant, given it dries clear, quick drying and was very cheap, figured it was worth a shot. Only downside is it has alot of airbubbles but that's okay.

Final approval for a pose leap off the base.

Test fitting her leeping, in the end she was angled down more and how the rod in her foot was inserted had to be modified so she can be removed from the base.

So after an accidental demonstration of heat bending we wound up chopping her arm and hand off since I had a crazy idea to use a scrap kit I had to put on Tiki, it was just the right scale to fit her perfectly. Even though Tiki has chunky sculpted hands these made due.

During this time I was still new to Apoxy Sculpt so really I didn't have to blob putty on her connection areas @_@; But they stayed in place after I sanded and fixed areas, LOL!

Another angle, figuring out rod length and placement.

Since my client wanted her to have star earrings I found some small nails that I could technically insert into her face plate. So I drilled two hole on each side of her face plate and back of head piece. Its funny cause they act as a support pin to keep her face on the back of her head lol. Plus the overall goal was to have them swing a bit so in the end it worked out for the better.

Debating on adding glove to her and figuring out a design to go with her simple dress.

Test addition to putty to sculpt draft gloves.

Another angle, could have added pink stones like her dress but they were too big and would overtake her hands too much.

Test fit again for visual reference.

Primed a tiny bit by her hands to check for errors.

This was a total nightmare. Cause of her ankle sculpt is so small I literally had to almost drill 4 times, and her ankle looked like swiss cheese it was about to break off, but I was able to curve and putty the wire up her leg to the back of her calf to have a good enough support and stick so when you removed her from the base, the wire is still lodged in her leg.

At this stage we thought it be cool to add jewels and crystals to her base. I almost went and recasted pencil tips to make crystals but eventually found a seller on Etsy who sells crystals. Presume they were made of recycled glass cause they were a bitch to cut. So I wound up cutting off the top of this sculpted crystal to insert a crystal.

After many studies of figuring out colors to work on the base to make it 'fantasy looking' decided to go with purples. Started adding moss around the edges I got from Walmart, super damn cheap for what you get and it's great! I worked in a few layers of paint to get a radation effect on the edfges, then later on when the base was almost done, I added slight dry brushing of a very bright purple on various sections of the rock edges.

Sorry for no process on this but was oretty generic. Sculpted a satchel for her. Originally he wanted that charm to go on her leg but it was too bulkey to go there so we added it on her baf instead.

Annoying fact of bag straps, where the hell should it rest?!

Another way to have the strap I guess xD

Eventually when I add the wings on the strap will go under all the wings.

Crystals came in! Was lucky to get a custom order from the same price of one of her listings. Helped her out for clearing out old inventory on the purple ones, woop woop. I eventually cleaned them and glosses them in nail polish.

Test lighting in bathroom xD Did not gloss these until after I added final touches to base.

Started to slowly add more moss around the crystals, because I couldn't cut the crystals cause they were so dense, I had no choice but to add crap tones of moss to hide the LEDs and hot glue applications.

Inside of crevice of rock, loosk pretty cook, needs more moss.

Test fit again.

Figuring out bag strap

We eventually went with a silver strap instead of gold since her leggings will be silver.

Ugh as mentioned before cause I couldn't cut the crystals I had to cop the old sculpted crystal off without damaging the bottom of the staff, so the crystal wound up sticking farther up than expected and had to add putty around the crystal to stand straight up.

'Bout damn time priming is done!

After the first prime stage, went in and re-checked imperfections. After thats done I went back and primed again.

Gem test fitting.

Originally to make it easier to stitch up the lacings, but wound up being more complicated. I used ribbon to make kinda like leather straps to hold all the rings but didn't look nice after it was done for her scale.

First few base coats and a minor airbrush shade on darker areas of the skin folds.

Before pastels.

After pastells, not much added since I did not want her super blue.

Added test lip gloss and white eye fill.

After sealing again.

Added pastel shading to darker areas of the skin. I was upset in the end cause her wings covered up her back, which I liked the most of the shading ;3;

Another seal before painting eyes.

Lol Link eyes much? xD The tiara paint was scrapped later, didn't like it. Will add scrap booking jewels I found later on.

Finished left eye, now on to the right *crosses fingers*

Just being a poo with unnecesarry pics, put on bangs for visual.

Ahh scrapbooking goodies, great way to get cheap jewels for cheap with coupons when you don't want a shit ton for your project xD, wound up using small rounded baby blue and baby pink crystals.

Used a small pink triangular crystal in this one for the center of her head.

After the base coat was added to get dress added minor to deep yellowish shading arounf her darker pits, sorry it's hard to pick up.

Sealed and added another layer of shadows.

My Liquid Maskign stuff finally came in, thanks to Leonas Workshop for helping me learn to apply this stuff in the first place lol instead of masking forever with tape just used a toothpick and applied out of the jar, bleh! After painting the end bits of her dress silver I remove the masking, kinda dries like rubber pretty much. Then after about almost 2 years, I did not realize I was using the WRONG kind of liquid masking. This was amonia based for laquers and enamels (orange cap) Meant to buy the waterbased kind (purple cap), but that's okay, wound up pealing off without an issue this time thank god.

After sealing face one last time and added jewels.

Necklace we scrapped but still have and was just farting around with blang.

Ugh another frystrating part of this project, lacing up her leggings. In the end I had no choice but to glue in sections as I laced up each leg to get to stay in place. Since she needs to be removed from the base the leggings would have moved and fell off her legs.

Baldy Tiki lawl. Just a test demonstration to client how the material looks on her leg. This was not the final result of this leg being finished.

Started painting her satchel, bit orange in this photo but the colors duller in person. After shading was done *sorry no pic* added minor stitch color details and put her jewel back on.

Bangs after shading with pastels and sealing.

I need to remind myself adding light pastells to a dark surface never works for me xD even adding layers and sealing don't work. Just need to clean next time to paint with a lighter shade of blue, then add shadows as I go so there is some visibility of the base color in her hair remaining. This photo was before sealing.

After sealing her hair it looked amazing, so hard to pick up the color highlights but it was so pretty! Proceeded to attach her pinned pigtails and wrapped some more embroidery string around them to match her leggings and silver details.

Dunno why the necklace is still on her at this stage xD We decided to use it for a Chibiusa in the future.

This was just a quick photo progress of the bottom of her staff. The spirals are removable as well as the bottom tip of the base. Wound up adding more paint details after this photo. Used a brass rod that came with the recasted kit, given it was the right length needed for the job.

One option of having the first spiral abover her hand. Wound up going with below her hand.

What we decided on where the first spiral should rest on her staff. To remove the staff you take off the bottom tip of the staff. Then pull off the first spiral like your spinning a screw out of a hole. Proceed to pull the staff out half way up to her chest, remove last spiral like a screw, then pull out staff completely.