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Life & Schedule Updates 9/29/17

Hey guys,

To make it easier for everyone, I created a main blog page on my website so everyone is up-to-date on the goings on my end, to prevent me from missing anyone from the notification.

I will be going through a few things for the remainder of the year I will try to break down as much as possible.

Wound up leaving my part time job to persue my work and to focus more on commissions. Additionally partnering up with a few friends on projects and commission orders, but more info will come later.

Wound up getting most but not all of my teeth pulled to get new teeth to be able to eat and smile again. I was given the opportunity thanks to my family to help me with this painful, exausting process. Hopefully you guys will be seeing more pics of me in the future when I get my finalized parcial and top full dencher, lol! This process overall threw my schedule off, especially with a business trip right around the corner, I have been an udder mess. During all of this I have been finishing 4 commissions, photographing them, editing them, packing them up, shipping them, omg it's never ending in which a limited amount of time this week @_@;

Which now comes to the next thing, the business trip. I will be leaving October 2nd and will be returning towards the end of October to meet up with a few fellow garage kit builder colleagues in Mexico for a but of workshop time. Given all three of us have been in a funk with commissions and personal projects, this is just what we needed. Another thing on the side, one of these colleagues I plan on partnering up to do group orders / future projects together, but I do not have alot of info on this as of yet so it'll remain under wraps for now ;) Mainly we all three like to get together to work on commissions, a personal project but overall share knowledge with eachother, given Skype can only do so much compared to physical discussion is much more stronger.

While we are down here, we do plan on making podcasts talking upon many personal subjects as well as a life of a gk builder. Many other surprises are to come including pics and doofy videos <3

Lastly, I will be updating my schedule process more with orders, again from my previous blog entry, I was mainly working on orders that needed higher priority as well as what was not so complicated to be built first to give more time to spend on more very specific intricate figures based on the clients needs. This I am still learning to microtask on but I thank you for all the people I have contacted so far about this sistuation to give me time to manage all these projects this year.

When I return from my business trip, I will have a few prepped kits done or semi done while I was away to speed the process up more into getting back into focus in my own working environment. The other thing after overlooking my clientel list and the characters I have available. For the 2018 spots that have been paid for, if it contained a sailor moon character I will be group batching these orders in the prep work process given I know their color schemes and connections to speed this process up. All other orders either have many many pieces I need careful planning so the painting phase doesn't cause issues, as well as overall kit modifications to turn them into another character. I will do my best to keep everyone posted but of course these are planning ideas and not the initial action I will take at this time until I get back to replan.

Anyway, I will keep you all posted, I have not forgotten any of you, I just have to do what I have to do and start work on the side while working on commissions. If you are a client of mine and have any questions or concerns, please email me at anytime. I fyou are new here and want to know my commission process or see if their are remainder 2018 slots available, please click on the (Contact Me) page and select the appropriate commission option for more info =) Spots are becoming more and more limited given I am limiting my spots even more so I don't get futher backed up.

Thank you all for your understanding and hope to keep bringing works to you to enjoy!


Samantha Lewis