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Hey guys,

Here are some quick updates in regards to now until the first of the year. I will also cover the following topics: Delays, Harassment, Rushing = Sub-par work and so on.

1) Delays & New Work Process: As it stands, all orders have been delayed as mentioned before. I have contacted all clients in regards to these delays and why their are delays. Believe me I do not forget people and have alot of documentation on whos kits to work on. If your commission has not shown up on this page, it means it can be a very complicated kit that needs careful focus, has a lot of customizations that takes time to build, waiting further payment to continue with the project further, or need to focus on my backlog to get caught up. As mentioned in my global email (I copy & pasted that email in a blog update you can freely read now), everyone will get their figure in time and thankfully everyone has understood and are patient to wait for quality. Lately the work has been declining in quality because people want me to rush, which is not what my service is about, its more for quality than rushed production.

2) Bad Apples & Rushed Work: I have had a few bad apples this year in regards to me rushing my works I produce, and this is getting very concerning. I get it, many of you either a) want to cherish your pieces sooner than waiting too long, or b) some have had bad experiences with other artists 'running of with their money' along with other common reasons. Please keep in mind I am not the person to do such things when I am trying to build my name and already have enough anxiety as-is just talking to strangers xD. I am still new to this line of work and did not expect the demand be so high and bit off more than I can chew so to speak. Figured if I took on more work, I can work full time...well now I am working full time but no income cause I refuse to take any more advanced payments on kits I am not working on my desk at this time respectfully, and rather fix my backlog in time. By you contacting me for a commission you are giving your trust into me in producing the best work I can possibly give. By constantly harassing me or even THREATENING ME is not acceptible and for me being such a nice person, I am tired of people stepping all over me in this regard. I pride my work very much, and by people having me rush such a thing or being severely rude stresses and depresses me very much where I do not want to work on your kit...and that is the honest truth...IDO understand you give money for a commission and want it soon, but wouldn't you want it looking great instead of rushed? If you cannot wait or understand what has happened to me in the least year and a half overall, I will gladly send your kit back as-is and not work with you again respectfully.

3) About the Work Sheet Above: If your kit is not mentioned, it means I am not currently working on it during the week. So how this page will function is I am working on a new system on working on a different kit every day so everyone is caught up to speed on their commissions. I will then update this page every week so everyone knows what is going on. Each update I will try to refresh on Sunday; unless it's a high priority project that needs attention, it might carry over the next week. The list is in no particular order. I am also trying to stream more frequently on kits that are not-so complicated cause it can take me many hours to prep kits which can get pretty boring xD If facebook doesn't remove my videos due to music (which Im finding non copyright songs) I can reupload to youtube and share links on this page and my social pages too. Lastly if I DO stream your commission, I will be sure to quick link the video in each character section below =)

4) Please follow me on facebook: I update pretty frequently on WIPs and previews along with personal updates on my facebook fanpage. Sometimes I can't always connect to my domain to contantly code updates on my website, nor does my "built from scratch" website have the capability to make super quick coding updates, I have to code everything by hand and it's becoming more of a pain than a benefit anyway this would be most certainly be appreciated if you follow me there for updates. Unless it is a global update to all clients, I will publish it in a copy paste blog update. Update: Added below my twitter feed for live updates as well, though not as detailed as my facebook posts, be sure to follow me on both platforms for updates. Sorry if my twitter shared alot of things I like but hey, it's cool stuff!

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